Stay focused on the present situation

When you think about it, life is actually lived one moment at a time. Looking ahead to those challenges you might encounter in the future only fills your mind with anxiety. Focus on what you can do now, in the present moment, and you will be fine. You may not be happy, but your life will at least be tolerable.


Wandering walks

Often the best prescription for your troubled mind is a nice long walk. Some of our best ideas come during walking. This was true for people like Seneca who lived during the time of the Roman empire, and it is still true today. You don’t need an expensive vacation, a therapist, drugs or alcohol; you simply need to open the door and take a walk.

Sounds way to simple, to easy, and instead you would rather agonize over your situation. We tell ourselves we don’t have time, I have to much to do, and we dig yet a deeper hole.

Fuck it! Go take a walk.


I seek the truth

It is a measure of your maturity when you open yourself up to feedback regarding what you have spoken, wrote, or acted. Our ego fights against any response that doesn’t fit in with our view of the world. When you think you know it all, when you close your mind to the ideas of others, you cease to learn.


These are under your control

Be angry, criticize all the stupid people, seek pleasure, suffer pain, continue to think you are better than everyone else, and use your ambition to have more or be more. This is what most of us do every day, unconsciously.

Marcus Aurelius offers an alternative to this unconscious state. The alternative is you have a choice to think and act otherwise. This possibility exists, but requires you to take control of your thoughts.

What will you do today?


Reignite your life

Are you bored? Has all the joy been sucked out of your life? Does your work just feel like a beat down?

We all feel like this at times. Remember you can change your thoughts. When I feel like this, I focus on the now; forget the judgment about what I am doing and do it and only it. When you feel worn down focus on the present moment and the wonder and magic in your life will return.