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All the little things matter

Take some time today to analyze all the things you do today. What is your routine comprised of? We tend to think I need to make a massive change, quit my job, and move to Bali where I will be a writer and contemplate the various sunrises or sunsets. I contend you don’t need to make a massive change in your life for you to fulfill your dreams, but instead you need to start making sure those daily habits become a contributor and not a detractor to the life you envision.

You have all of these little habits each day that you perform that dictate your results, so this is a good place to start. Let’s say you want to be a writer, artist, or entrepreneur. What activities are you doing that contribute to this goal? If your habit is to get up late, dive in the shower, and drink three cups of coffee so you can make it to work at the last minute you are missing an opportunity to do something to contribute to the life you want to live. What if you just got up a couple hours early and worked on that thing you are passionate about? Well you would then spend 2 hours working towards your goal, or in aggregate 14 hours per week, or 728 hours a year. Could you accomplish something with 728 hours of effort, hell yes!

What if you wanted to become healthier, and instead of watching 3 hours of Netflix, Amazon Prime, or YouTube you spent an hour working out doing something good for your body. None of this shit a revolutionary change in your life or maybe for you it is, but the daily application of these new found habits accumulate over time and lead to massive results. Listen Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the success and satisfaction you seek won’t magically happen. You don’t need to destroy everything you have or do to improve, but you do need to make sure you have these supportive habits that occur on a frequent basis for you to start living the life you want for yourself.

Someone will always be selling you some new way to turn your life around, but all these ideas of reprogramming who you are usually don’t work. You have become what you were in the past, all these habits and ways of looking at life have been engrained over many years of just being you. Stop thinking you need to remake yourself, your not fucked up, but you are also not so locked into your past that you can’t start making changes. Don’t buy into this shit that you are broken and need to be re-built, you and I know there are a lot really great things that you are doing, and yes maybe somethings from your past that are holding you back from being an even better version of yourself.

Say it with me:

“Today I will make one small change that will contribute to the life I want to live”


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Random thoughts

Random thought number one.

April again and the flowers are beginning to bloom here in Dallas. The cycle begins again, cleaning up the leaves, and planting flowers and assorted replacements for the vegetation that didn’t make it. This time of year is probably the best of the seasons with temperatures in the high 60’s to mid 80’s Fahrenheit. Once we get into June everything will start cooking as the heat is turned up, and we are looking at 3 to 4 months with little to no rain. In the north east part of Texas it looks a lot like north west Ohio, pretty flat and non impressive to the eye. Still it is nice to live in a climate where winter really only lasts a couple of months, and even those two months are pretty mild. You can count on two hands how many times the temperature dipped below freezing.

house in north texas
house in north texas

Random thought number two.

I find little solace in the repetitive nature of life, and this is probably a sign that I am getting bored with the routine of it all. Lately I have become more and more aware of my place in my family as the one that must work to support everyone else, not just financially, but in so many other ways. It has always been my role, maybe not consciously, and probably driven by other more selfish motivations, but then again everyone has a role in every organization be it a family, business, non-profit, or religious institution. There is no complaint here, but only a long overdue awareness, of my place in the structure of the family. Awareness kind of sucks!

Daily routine is killing me
Daily routine is killing me

Random thought number three.

I have always wondered if they needed project managers in Jamaica? Just thinking that might be kind of a nice place to live for a while. There is something different about the people that live there, along with the incredible climate and ocean. Lots of things to like about Jamaica and few to dislike.

Cliffs Negril Jamaica
Cliffs Negril Jamaica

Random thought number four.

Why in the hell is it that every-time I drive into the office I feel like I am in a NASCAR race? Is it really necessary to change lanes five times in a quarter mile, go 20 miles over the speed limit so that you can hit the brakes at the red light? It’s not that I am adverse to driving fast, but I also don’t view the whole process as some sort of stock car race. After all what is your hurry, are you afraid you might be late for your all important job, or are you as I might suspect just a selfish jerk who thinks they own the road?

My drive in to the office
My drive in to the office

Random thought number five.

Know your role and shut up! Don’t consider these random thoughts as complaints, they are merely a form of rambling discourse. In most cases your role in life evolved for good reasons and you were the chief architect that created it. If you can’t handle your role then go find another one, otherwise know your role and shut your mouth. There is nothing more useless than people complaining about there job, family, church, friends, or the government. In fact this kind of bitching was so offensive that I opted out of Facebook, just so I didn’t have to be exposed to everyone’s bitching and whining.

Know your role
Know your role

I’m done for now, stay tuned for the next installment.