Without expectations

You do the right thing and others benefit from it. Sounds great! Except you have to make it more complex because of your expectations. These expectations come from your ego that needs praise or something else in return.

Dam it! Why can’t I just do something without expecting anything in return. What the hell is wrong with me? You like most of the world expect something in return for almost every thing you do. So what’s the solution?

Stop that shit. Do the right thing, help someone out, and expect nothing. Be satisfied that you do things that need to be done because it is the right thing to do and it benefits someone.

Do what needs to be done for its own sake, then move on to the next thing. Life starts to flow, no pauses waiting for praise, or acknowledgement; just getting lots of shit done. Best of all you begin to feel less stress as you drop those expectations of getting something in return.


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