Day: February 8, 2020

A lesson learned from suffering

A wise man or woman knows through experience the value of silence. I have always been a good listener, but there are times when I’ve been compelled to blurt out some hurtful or vulgar statement. As I have become more mature (older), the value of silence has become more clear for me.

Why are we so quick to speak instead of listening to others?

  • Is it our ego? Let me show you how smart I am by babbling on about something.
  • Is it my emotions? Fueled by anger I say hurtful and stupid things, often to people I really care about.
  • Is it to fill a gap in the conversation? I’m uncomfortable with silence and feel a need to say something, almost anything.

Well besides ego, emotion, and anxiety there may be a number of reasons why we feel compelled to talk. Seneca knew that the value of silence had to be learned from experience.

I think today I will heed this lesson, and embrace the solitude and awareness of being silent.