I judge you unfortunate

This is a very interesting quote by Seneca, who reminds us that the difficulties that you face in your life are actually a blessing. All the great people throughout time were great because of what they had to overcome. Think of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King jr., Nelson Mandela, and Ghandi. They are considered great because what they achieved involved overcoming incredible obstacles. It was their struggles that made them great, even in some cases paying the ultimate price with the loss of their life.

The stoics believed that the struggle, misfortune, test of character, or whatever you want to call it are necessary in achieving great things. So next time you let yourself think, life is hard, or I can’t deal with this shit any longer; just know this is really an opportunity for growth. Think back on your life and all the things you have overcome. Did it break you, or did provide a sense of pride and accomplishment?

Be proud of all the shit you overcame, and confident in your ability to deal with the challenges you will face in the future.


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