Stop wandering about!

Don’t postpone what you need to accomplish for the future. There is no slowing down to read yet another self help book. Making the right decisions and taking action is to be done now. You don’t know how much time you have left or what tomorrow will bring.


A calm mind

What separates the great people from the crowd? They deal with adversity from a state of calmness. Through a calm mind they take much of the power away from their problems. Do those things that help you reach a calm state of being when confronted with adversity. Take a walk, read a good book, meditate, or whatever it is that helps you calm down.


They don’t care at all

How much of our lives are wasted in becoming angry due to situations that are out of our control. Do we count them in days, weeks, months, or years? Something goes wrong and we curse and rant about it. The situation has no feelings, no awareness, no reaction to our anger.


It’s a disgrace

Sometimes we just give up and become mired in despair. We quit on life, losing the will to live and joyfully engage in each day. We die inside before our bodies expire. This is tragedy and in many ways unforgivable. Don’t quit on yourself, find something to inspire yourself today. You matter, but you must believe this. If you have no compassion for yourself, try being kind to others.

Stop the bullshit and get your ass in gear!


What you frequently hold in thought

This is similar to the the phrase you are what you think. Do you think you have been mistreated, are you angry, resentful, tired, bored, craving something, or just genuinely unhappy? Your life is a reflection of your thoughts and you need to guard your thoughts as you would protect your family.

You are the master of your mind. Be watchful for any judgment or negativity that is knocking at the door of your thoughts. You have more control than you think, begin exercising it.


What is your vocation?

First and foremost the stoics believed that you should be a good human being. If you were nothing else in life being a good person would be enough. This simple statement implies so much. Learn to be truthful, accept others as the are, be kind, and do good. Such a simple quote, but such a powerful message.

Happy Holidays