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A tomb for the living

We all need to relax from time to time, but there are different ways of relaxing and they are not equal. If you go complete zombie and use alcohol or drugs to just vegitate for days on end, a couple things happen. One you wasted a colossal amount of time achieving absolutely nothing, but killing off some brain or liver cells. Secondly you don’t actually feel rested or any better about your life, in fact you only feel a bit guilty.

Replace this kind of leisure with reading, walking, yoga, meditation, or anything else that is both relaxing and leaves you feeling better. So many people feel they have to fly around the world to have fun and enjoy themselves; of course this is bullshit. Taking a nice long walk is free, and can be done almost anywhere. We all need to relax, but don’t become some pleasure seeking fool, that ends up destroyed by vices that were started as a form of leisure.