Day: February 6, 2016

How to Get More Exercise Benefits

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Wellness Secrets of a SuperAger

I wrote Stress Will Kill You a while back. I was halfway through the Course on Stress from The Great Courses at that point. Now I have finished the class and wanted to share some very important concepts from the final lecture. They deal with exercise, its benefit and our attitude toward it.

The following two paragraphs are quoted from the course Guidebook:
“The first thing you can do is exercise. Exercise helps in all sorts of ways: it decreases your chance of cardiovascular disease, and that seems to protect against certain aspects of brain aging and cognitive decline. If your cerebrovascular system is not getting gummed up, you are going to have a brain that works better and that ages better. Exercise also stimulates neurogenesis and helps your neurons grow new processes and new connections. One qualifier to keep in mind is that if you overdo it, it can…

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