I developed this section of my website so that I could share one of my favorite hobbies with the world. I have always been a very inflexible person, not philosophically but physically.  Yoga has been a real blessing in so many ways addressing my physical inflexibility and helping me become more grounded. To make things even a bit more challenging I have had back problems for years and to some degree they are related to inflexibility in my hamstrings and lower back muscles. Over the past few years of studying yoga through books, video, websites, and talking to instructors I found a set of asanas (poses) that works for me. In this section of my blog I would like to share my yoga practice which is based on the following principles:

  • Yoga for people with less than optimal flexibility
  • Do no harm first philosophy – no contortions or headstands
  • Only include asanas that are not too difficult for the average human
  • Create a yoga practice that is holistic and includes meditation
  • A yoga practice that is calming and mindful, not some frantic form of exercise packaged as yoga
  • All asanas should follow a logical progression allowing for an easy transition from one to another
  • A yoga and meditation practice that can be done in 45 – 60 minutes

The rest of this section of the website is devoted to providing some information about Yoga and about my own practice.

Table of Contents:

Note that most of this section is still under construction.

Yoga History

Yoga Basics – some theory and equipment you need to get started

Standing asanas

Seated asanas

Supine poses

Prone poses


My Practice



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