Quotes – Nicolas de Chamfort

Nicolas de Chamfort

Sébastien-Roch Nicolas, also known as Chamfort (French: 6 April 1741 – 13 April 1794), was a French writer, best known for his witty epigrams and aphorisms. He was secretary to Louis XVI’s sister, and of the Jacobin club.

“I only study the things I like; I apply my mind only to matters that interest me. They’ll be useful—or useless—to me or to others in due course, I’ll be given—or not given—the opportunity of benefiting from what I’ve learned. In any case, I’ll have enjoyed the inestimable advantage of doing things I like doing and following my own inclinations.” – Nicolas de Chamfort

“Public opinion is the worst of all opinions.” Nicolas de Chamfort

“Contemplation often makes life miserable. We should act more, think less, and stop watching ourselves live.” Nicolas de Chamfort

“Happiness is not easy to find. It’s very difficult to find it in yourself — and impossible to find anywhere else.” Nicolas de Chamfort

“Every day I add to the list of things I refuse to discuss. The wiser the man, the longer the list.” Nicolas de Chamfort

“It is passion that makes man live; wisdom makes one only last.”  Nicolas de Chamfort