Quotes – Gretchin Rubin

Gretchin Rubin

Gretchen Craft Rubin (born Kansas City, Missouri) is an American author, blogger and speaker. She is author of the best selling The Happiness Project: Or Why I Spent a Year Trying to Sing in the Morning, Clean My Closets, Fight Right, Read Aristotle, and Generally Have More Fun, along with her follow up Happier at Home: Kiss More, Jump More, Abandon a Project, Read Samuel Johnson, and My Other Experiments in the Practice of Everyday Life. Her first book, Power Money Fame Sex: A User’s Guide, parodied self-help books by analyzing and exposing the techniques used to exploit those who strive for those worldly ambitions.

“Focus Not on Having Less or Having More, But on Wanting What You Have.” Gretchen Rubin

“Remember that although the distinction can be difficult to draw, loneliness and solitude are different.” Gretchen Rubin